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Stoneware in sunset colors

You Were Looking For Oranges? 


Haeger Stoneware in Beautiful Sunset Colors, affectionately dubbed "Orange Peel" by collectors, made its debut in the 1976 Artware Catalog and was exclusively produced during that year. Crafted by Alrun Guest, this textured, semi-gloss Orange glaze adorns pieces that are highly coveted and deemed incredibly valuable among collectors. The Stoneware in Sunset Colors also came in a Yellow, referred to as "Lemon Peel" and a third color, outside the Sunset series was a lime color called Stoneware in Peacock Green.

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Stoneware in SUNSET COLORS

An Alrun Osterberg Guest Design

Shop the "Orange Peel" Stoneware in Sunset Colors Collection:

An Artist Spotlight

Alrun Osterberg Guest, a talented designer hailing from Berlin, Germany, joined Haeger Pottery in 1969, bringing her creative prowess to the table. A graduate of the ceramic school of Hohr-Grenzhausen, Alrun infused Haeger pieces with distinctive glaze finishes, captivating shapes, and innovative designs. Notably, Alrun gifted us with the beloved 1970s "Earth Wrap" pottery. Among her highly sought-after creations is the vibrant Lime, Orange, and Blue Decorated glaze design from 1970, showcased here.


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