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Colors Found in Nature  Match Almost Everything 

This is a collection of Haeger's mesmerizing black and brown glazes. Grouped together, these intricate glazes reveal a stunning palette that breathes life into otherwise neutral, earthy tones.

One standout is the Mink Brown glaze, among others in the Mink series. These glazes are true works of art, showcasing intricate handwork that adds depth and excitement to the pieces.

Not to be missed are the Blue and Gold Lava glazes. They display a captivating succession of colored rings that resemble the layered strata unveiled by archaeological digs.

Explore the rich textures and captivating patterns in all of the Black and Brown Glazes. Mix and match them and use them with your existing decor. Add a piece of vintage pottery to your home today and let the glazes transport you to a world where artistry meets nature's beauty.















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