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These Aren't Your Granny's Antiques, but they might have been!
Who We Are, What We Do...

Welcome to Haegerlicious, your passport to a world of tantalizing Haeger pottery and a sprinkling of delightful knickknacks. Our mission you ask? To pay reverence to the legacy of an American art empire, build a swell of awareness, and spark and reignite the passion for the artistry of a truly remarkable producer of juicy pottery creations. Dive into our treasure trove where both seasoned and budding collectors can embark on an accessible journey of vintage exploration. You might already possess a cherished piece of Haeger pottery or recall the charm of your favorite aunt's collection.


Haegerlicious is your playful haven – a space to embark on, expand, and curate your own pottery universe. You’ll discover the magic of vintage living, with Everyday Vintage, our practical collection of Haeger primed for daily use. With Haegerlicious, we infuse zest into collecting, welcoming new enthusiasts to the fold while unveiling fresh ways
to infuse these timeless beauties into our modern homes.
Join us, as the stories of these exquisite pieces continue to unfold through time.

Unveiling Vintage Treasures,

Igniting Passion, and Creative Collecting

The Vase that started it all. R68 in Black Mistique,

found in a thrift store 30 years ago. 

Haeger Who? Haeger Why?

Let's look back to 1871, when David Haeger emigrated from Germany to the United States, taking part in a brick factory in Illinois. In the aftermath of the devastating Great Fire, Haeger’s company played a crucial role in Chicago's reconstruction. David's son, Edmund, envisioned a grander future – one where they would lead the way in American art pottery design and manufacturing.

By the 1890s, Haeger Pottery had evolved its focus to create simple earthenware pots, catering to both wholesale and retail markets. Edmund continued to push the boundaries of the times, experimenting with intricate designs and glazes, eventually rebranding the business as Haeger Potteries.

The journey into Art Pottery commenced with Edmund's creation of the Classic Greek Vase. Over the following decades, the Haeger family retained control of the pottery, generating artworks that garnered international acclaim.

Haeger Potteries became a magnet for skilled craftsmen, renowned potters, and gifted artisans, known for their ceramic mastery, exquisite glazes, and impeccable style. The name "Haeger" became synonymous with trust and quality.

May 12, 2016 marked the closure of Haeger's factory doors, ending a remarkable 145-year run of operation. This closure amplified the uniqueness and value of each Haeger Pottery piece, encapsulating a piece of history that can never be replicated.

The Vase that started all this for Haeger.  Left to right, the first Art Pottery vase to be manufactured,

a Vase in Grand Canyon Brown glaze from the early 70'0 and a Wild Goose Figurine circa 1930s. 

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