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Mandarin Orange

A Sizzling Sensation of
Volcanic Vintage as Hot Today
as it was 53 Years Ago

Indulge in the sizzling allure of Mandarin Orange, a vintage sensation that made its debut in 1966 and graced us until 1970. This lustrous glaze brings a burst of drama, a blaze of heat, and an undeniable touch of seductive charm to any space it graces.

With its audacious, bright orange foundation and the mesmerizing dance of stunning red overlays, Mandarin Heat is an embodiment of boldness. Elevate your décor with this glossy masterpiece that's bound to captivate every gaze.

Whether you seek to infuse a vibrant burst of color or desire to create a magnetic focal point, Mandarin Heat is the ultimate choice. Embrace the allure of this tantalizing glaze, where elegance meets daring sophistication. Get your hands on these absolute essentials – they're as chic as they are irresistibly sexy!

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